Workshop – 7 Dimensions of Social Networks


Bring your laptop or smart phone

for the workshop on



7 dimensions of the Social Networking

A Grandmasterclass in the Workshop Format

Conducted by none other than Mike Rana

An IITian with over 4 decades of active international experience

on Software and Communications

Whether you use networking or social networking for business promotion or for personal branding wisdom lies in leapfrogging over the inevitable hurdles that may rattle you. Interacting with computers, internet, mobile phones and applications is easy if you close your eyes towards the excessive time that you may end up wasting, while learning about the glitches and ditches.

How are these different and why

  1. Windows 10 and windows 7
  2. Office 2007 and Office 2013
  3. Facebook, Stumble upon, My Space, Live Journal
  4. Twitter, Linkedin
  5. Google, Google +, Yahoo
  6. Blogger, WordPress sites
  7. Pinterest, Tumbler, Picasa

Is there a difference between the address books of

  • Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook and
  • Gmail
  • Linkedin and Yahoo

When should we use the following features and how

  • Status
  • Interactive comments
  • Adjusting Security

Which application is better for

  • Floating your Photos (Facebook, Google, Tumbler, Pinterest etc
  • Event management on Google and facebook
  • Google docs and forms
  • Notes, Sticky notes, attachments and files

Why do we need the following and what is hidden behind them

  • Categories and Tags
  • Lists versus Groups
  • Posts and Pages
  • Cross connections and Sharing
  1. How to manage thousands of contacts, friends, and connection by spending just 2 hours a day
  2. How to save your time in the virtual world and use it on the real world
  3. How to return to your real relationships and convert the virtual relationships to real

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A half/full day seminar in Gurgaon Rs 2100 per participant, in your chosen batch (every month)

Footprints of Kalam


Let us follow hand in hand

We regard Bharat Ratan Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as an iconic figure, who perceived children and youth as the ideal proponents of development and growth of a strong India.

Advancing towards his vision of building India of 2020, Grandmasters India, takes a lead and puts into practice activities that contribute to the fulfillment of his dream.

To start with, we have initiated a wide spread innovative project that connects children with each other with the view of bridging the gaps in their perception of life, and cooperate mutually for a fuller development of India.

The Project

The focus of our initiative is on mutual sharing of non materialistic faculties of privileged and less privileged children, namely knowledge, life skills, habits, and values.

It starts with motivating the privileged children of 10 years and above, to adopt as a friend, just one child of less privileged society with the aim of fostering each other as mentors and followers. In their 3-daily per week interaction they will try to understand each other’s gaps in emotional, habitual, knowledge planes in the light of each others’ family, economical backgrounds and resources. They will mutually try to appreciate the values of the available resources and limitations, and move jointly as the builders of a society, that they dream. In the end with holistic development, they become responsible citizens that pull the nation towards the India of 2020.

Project Stake Holders

Grandmasters India invites the following elite to join and contribute their wisdom in this direction

  • Corporations C*Os (who could view this as their CSR commitment)
  • Regulatory Bodies (Giving directions and suggesting expansion of scope)
  • Government Bodies (with their Vision on India of 2020)
  • Leading and established educationists from India and Abroad
  • Vice Chancellors, Principals, Professors and Teachers to share experience with children
  • Doctors and Psychologists who understand the child psychology and physical needs
  • NGOs that have a concern for the underprivileged society
Current Status
  • The project has already started
  • Grandmasters is actively spreading this message to prospective participant and bringing schools on board
  • NGOs have been initiated
  • A few children have been initiated
  • We need to push it quickly and effectively
Conference at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road Delhi

To strengthen and enhancing this initiative, and for creating involved awareness for the same,  Grandmasters India is arranging a half day conference and is expecting your kind participation. we are looking for overall directions and advise.

India Habitat Centre, on 18th Aug from 10 am until 3 pm.

Request for attendance

  • Politicians of stature
  • Government official bodies and officials
Call for registration

Registration charges :

Rs 5000 per participant inclusive of Taxes

Net Neutrality – Brainstorming & Forum Discussion

tilf logoThe Indian Legal Foundation (TILF)

in association with

Grandmasters India

Welcomes you to the 1st brain storming session for

Net Neutrality – Series 1       


India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road New Delhi

On  17th July 2015, 10:00 AM – 03:30 PM

net neutrality

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Keynote Speaker

Tarun VijayBJP MP and member Rajya Sabha

Sh Tarun Vijay

Key Note Speaker

As we wait for the government to come up with some guidelines on net neutrality in India, we invite experts on board to brainstorm and understand what this issue is about.

Net Neutrality is a position that requires all Internet users to be treated equally for the purpose of charging and administration. A subscriber should not be differentiated by parameters or domains that govern his net usage. Discrimination should not extend into any domain such as user category, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. There have already been a few violations of net neutrality principles by some Indian service providers.

As of April 2015, there were no laws governing net neutrality in India. Service providers exploited this situation to their advantage. The debate on network neutrality gathered public attention after Airtel a mobile telephony service provider in India, announced in December 2014 to levy additional charges for making voice calls VOIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) from its network using apps like Whatsapp, Skype etc.

You have been specially favored to be invited for participating in this exclusive brainstorming discussion. Detailed agenda will be forwarded to you on your acceptance of the invitation.

Please feel free to revert back for any clarifications or questions.

IHC Logo

India Habitat Centre Map


The Economics of Net Neutrality

  • What the Net Neutrality rules say?
    • disclosure
    • no discrimination between traffic
    • no blocking
  • Net Neutrality in the age of Digital India
  • Some Indian and International cases of violations of Net Neutrality
  • Net Neutrality Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Political Implications of Net Neutrality
  • Net Neutrality and Competition Law.
  • Net Neutrality and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Did TRAI get answers to it’s consultation paper?
  • The Road Ahead on Regulating Net Neutrality
 Participants  ….

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